Serape Cape Lambswool Maple Tartan

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Serape Cape Lambswool Maple Tartan

* 100 Percent Pure Lambswool for Ultimate Softness and Comfort
* Overall Size 70 x 60 inches 178 x 152 cm
* Traditional cut out section for snug fit at neck
* Available in a fantastic range of tartans and checks
* A beautiful and thoughtful gift

A Serape is some times known as a Ruana and a cape as well. The serape can be elegantly worn on formal and casual events. the serape can be just thrown over the shoulder or worn with a brooch. One of the most popular way to wear a serape is to create a folded pleat at the front and insert the brooch pin, which will hold the pleats in place.

Each Serape has middle section cut out to ensure a perfect fit around the point of the neck.

Sizes 70" x 60" (178cm x 152cm) Neck area cut out 35" x 6" (89cm x 15cm)

The traditional sarape is made in the Mexican state of Coahuila in north-eastern Mexico, near the city of Saltillo. The Saltillo sarapes, blankets, and numerous other textile products often consist of a dark base colour with bands of yellow, orange, red, blue, green, purple or other bright colours. The ends of the textile products are usually fringed. New products can be purchased or vintage products collected for their beauty and craftsmanship. The Saltillo textiles are made by local residents of Saltillo. Their descendants trace back to the early Chichimecs, who migrated from northern Mexico (Chihuahua and Casa Grande area) to central Mexico (San Luis Potosi area to the Gulf Coast).

The word "sarape" also can be used to refer to a very soft rectangular blanket with an opening in the middle for ones head. Some sarapes are made with matching hoods for head covering. The length varies but front and back normally reach knee height on an average person. Available in various colours and design patterns, the typical colours are two-tone combinations of black, grey, brown, or tan* pertaining to the natural colour of the sheep flocks grown in the highland regions, not requiring tint. Most design patterns are large with traditional Mayan motifs.