Silver tie clips

Silver tie clips

Stylish Silver Tie Clips

A tie clip is the quintessential men’s formal attire accessory, providing the perfect finishing touch to a business suit or where a shirt and tie is being worn. Also known as a tie bar or a tie clasp, our tie clips will provide a neat anchor point for any tie to rest against a shirt, preventing it from billowing and smartening the appearance of all formal attire.

Our extensive range of tie clips is comprised of several different styles, allowing you to choose the best match for the fashion tastes of the recipient. Simply choose the tie clips you prefer and then add them to your shopping basket for purchase.

Luxury Sterling Silver Tie Clips

Just as is intended with cuff links, tie clips are designed to allow the wearer to make a statement if they desire, whether that be in the material their tie clip is constructed from or in the style of the clip itself. Sterling silver is a timeless classic and is perfect for a men’s tie clip, providing a small but important accessory that is intended to provide both form and function.

Our range of men’s tie clips include minimalist and voluminous designs, allowing the wearer to make a statement or instead adopt a more reserved stance depending on the occasion. But whatever your preference, all of our tie clips are of the highest quality and will provide an accessory that will instantly become a part of any existing collection.

Providing the Perfect Men’s Gift with a Range of Tie Clips

Small accessories such as tie clips make the perfect gift for any man who regularly wears a suit or a shirt and tie, whether simply to work or for more casual engagements such as dinner parties. Why not add several tie clips to your basket, providing the recipient with the opportunity to choose from a range of tie clips depending on the nature of the occasion?

Once you’ve selected each tie clip you like, add each one to your basket which will provide you with a running subtotal in your local currency of choice. From there, you can either continue shopping or proceed to our secure checkout where payment can be made.