Mens All Wool Tie Woven Scotland - Brodie Hunting Modern Tartan

Mens All Wool Tie Woven Scotland - Brodie Hunting Modern Tartan

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Type: Necktie
Material: Wool
Main Colour:
Main Colour: Brodie Hunting Modern
Length: 142 cm (55.9")
Width: 9 cm (3.5") Broadest
Pattern: Tartan
Occasion: Ideal for Presentation

Mens All Wool Tie Woven And Made in Scotland in Brodie Hunting Modern Tartan

* Woven and made in Scotland
* Pure wool for softness and comfort
* Fully lined for shape and presentation
* Choose from hundreds of beautiful tartans
* Necktie length 142 cm (55.9 inches)
* Broadest width 9 cm (3.5 inches)

Ties in this superb range are expertly woven and made by one of Scotland's premier weaving companies. Fashioned in pure wool in a huge selection of tartans they are sure to add colour and distinction to any outfit and any occasion.

Although many will choose a tartan tie for its wealth of beautiful colours, for those of us with Scottish ancestry, a Clan tartan is a link to our family's place in Scotland's often turbulent history. A tie in that tartan is the perfect formal or informal choice and makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

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