Pennanular Brooch Sterling Silver Zoomorphic Pattern Rams Head 45mm

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Pennanular Brooch in Sterling Silver Rear-Pinned Zoomorphic Pattern with Rams Head

* Approximately 45mm (1.8 inch) across
* Secured by rear-fixed pin
* Edinburgh hallmarked, Sterling Silver
* Unique design inspired by Celtic forms
* Made with finest traditional materials
* Individually hand-crafted in Scotland in a family run workshop
* Presentation boxed to make a great gift

As our ancestors developed cloth and clothing, the need for means of securing them produced pins and brooches. Pennanulars, with a moveable large pin on an un-closed ring have been found at archeological sites all over Scotland. Modern variants often copy the style, but secure with a fixed pin on the rear, less damaging to finer fabrics.

Founded in 1945, Celtic Art rapidly developed a reputation for excellence and innovation in design. Taking timeless Celtic imagery as their inspiration, they produce stunningly beautiful jewellery and Highlandwear accessories, using traditional materials such as leather, wood, silver and semi-precious stones. All pieces are individually hand-made at their workshops in Central Scotland, so that each is strikingly unique. Those in Sterling Silver are hallmarked in Edinburgh, reflecting their authentic Scottish origins. The highest quality of design and craftsmanship ensures that an item from any of their collections will make a beautiful and treasured gift for any occasion.

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