Semi Dress Sporran Fire Department Metal Badge Emblem 5 Styles

Semi Dress Sporran Fire Department Metal Badge Emblem 5 Styles

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Semi Dress Sporran
Main Colour:
Sporran Dimensions:
Height - 20cm, Width - 18cm, Depth - 4cm
High-quality leather flap with button
Integral part of Scottish Highland Dress
Chain Finish:
Antique or Polished
Chain Features:
Strong and sturdy with secure clips on either end
Items Included:
Sporran chain (chosen size) with Leather Straps and Buckle
Made to order within 2-3 days of your order

The sporran is an integral part of Scottish Highland Kilt Outfits for Men. Kilts do not have pockets, so the sporran is somewhere to store your everyday essentials and valuables, it's a perfect place for your mobile phone.

Semi dress sporran for kilts is very versatile as can be suited to both formal and informal events like weddings, family gatherings etc.


Handmade in Scotland from high-quality hard-wearing genuine leather using traditional techniques with experience and expertise dating back to 1834.

Decorated with 3 chain and ball sporran tassels, and a high-quality leather flap with a button fastening system.

Items Included:

This sporran comes complete with a high-quality sporran chain (chosen size) included.

The measurements for each sporran chain are taken from one end to the other.

Please allow room for the sporran to hang, your measurement should be a little larger than your waist size.

Chain Sizes Available:

Sml 32" - 36"
Med 32" - 42"
Lrg 34" - 46"
XL 42" - 51"
2XL 48" - 58"
3XL 56" - 64"


Our sporrans are made to order within 2-3 days of your order.