Scotland Forever Modern Tartan Ladies Tammy Hat & Scarf Set Lambswool

Scotland Forever Modern Tartan Ladies Tammy Hat & Scarf Set Lambswool

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Colour: Scotland Forever Modern
Material: Lambswool
Pattern: Tartan
Style: Tammy Hat and Scarf set
Theme: Casual
Season: Winter
Occasion: Perfect for a chilly day
MSRP £52.99
(You save £10.00 )

Scotland Forever Tartan Tammy Hat and Scarf Set (Modern) Lambswool

Made in your families tartan, this Scarf and Tammy will add vibrant colour and charm to any outfit. With over 20 fashionable tartans available, only the finest wool is used, so you can be sure that it'll be soft and comfortable.

Expertly made in Scotland this top quality Tammy hat and Scarf either keeps your head and neck warm in those winter days or to wear for a fashionable look, and a unique and timeless accessory for years to come.

This high quality brushed wool Tammy and Scarf is suitable for all occasions formal or informal, any time you want to emphasize your ancestry and/or make a fashion statement! accessory to add a dash of colour to any outfit.

A tartan Tam is a traditional Scottish hat that is still popular today. It is made from quality wool tartan and has a wool band, elasticated to make it fit securely and comfortably. The hat is finished off with a pompom.

Both items make an ideal Gift for that special person, or a treat for your self.

The Tammy was originally worn by men. However, women have adopted this hat known as a \Tam\" or a \"Tammy\"